Vegging Out

12 Oct

The weather in Aberystwyth is rubbish today. Neither raining, nor dry, but that annoying drizzle that soaks everything and is miserable.However, I am so NOT miserable today because we finally got our first organic fruit and vegetable box!

SOOOO excited! On first impressions it didn’t look like there was much in the box for nine pounds and it looked very different from what you would expect to get from a supermarket, but after thinking rationally it’s a very good selection, considering it’s organic too.Lots of fruit, and in small portions which is good because I always get bored of having to eat loads of the same…bananas, plums, oranges, kiwi, pears, apples.
Lots of staple veg like potatoes, onions, carrots and salad, and also some interesting vegetable, courgette, broccoli, red pepper, and a corn on the cob (think we will have to flip a coin for that one!). 
I just had a plum and a (yellow/green) orange and they were VERY yummy, and made me feel healthy, even though I think that was just psychological 

My brother recommended the book ‘A life stripped bare’ by Leo Hickman and I can’t wait to read it, although can’t afford to buy it yet. Looks like the thing that will inspire me to do lots more ethical and sustainable stuff.  I think we’ll need lots of encouragement along the way as it is going to be hard to keep going at times, especially as we don’t have much money. I really don’t think that you have to be rich to eat organic though.
We only spend £25 a week between us on shopping…is this a lot compared to what others spend? I’m not sure, but we manage fine on that. 

Other good things that have happened today…

Found out my MOT doesn’t expire until April 2008 (had a scare that it was April 2007!).

I tricked the people who always hang up on me into talking to me…one point to me! Veg Box


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