Sugar highs and lows

15 Oct


My name is Rachel, and I am a chocoholic.
I have been a chocoholic for many years now and I have realised that it is a negative addiction and must be controlled… 

…no, but I really do have cravings if I haven’t had chocolate in a while, so to curb them (and having turned over my new ethical leaf) I bought some Green and Black’s chocolate. I feel that is important to add here that scientists have proven that coca powder and dark chocolate is actually good for your heart so I felt it was important to have a correct diet!!  

Anyway, while I was munching away on the chocolaty goodness at work I started to wonder why some chocolate is more ethical than others and did some research.Obviously some is fair trade which is better than others but when I logged on to this website I was really surprised. 

It turns out that my ‘ethically sound’ chocolate isn’t that ethical after all as it can’t be guaranteed that humans haven’t been trafficked to make it. It’s horrible when you stop to think about it, especially the amount of chocolate that most of us eat without even thinking (chocolate biscuits, hot chocolate drinks, cocoa in cakes/biscuits).
Check out that website as it gives a list of all the chocolate that can guarantee that people haven’t been trafficked to make it. It has really challenged me.

Fine, I can buy Divine chocolate bars now, instead of cheap Somerfield ones, but am I going to be so willing to swap all my chocolate products? 
For example Traidcraft cocoa costs £12.90, whereas the Cadburys I get at the moment for cooking is about £10 cheaper. Traidcraft drinking chocolate costs £13.20!
Either I will have to save money else where or cut out many of the chocolaty products that I consume every week. I think perhaps I will just have to break my habit.

Stop The Traffik - -


2 Responses to “Sugar highs and lows”

  1. Keith October 21, 2007 at 8:32 pm #

    Wiggly Wiggers give books etc a ‘chocolate rating’ (i.e. a score of 1-5). They were recently challenged to have a rating that was not simply based on the taste of the chocolate but also how ethical it was. If I remember Divine came out top. Their web site is They also have a great weekly podcast for all things garden, farm, green, countryside…


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    […] you have already read my entry about chocolate production. Stopthetraffik want to give the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon one million signatures to show […]

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