Don’t do aerobics by the sea…

10 Dec

That is your life lesson for today!

Imagine the scene. A grey, stormy Aberystwyth afternoon. Josh and I are taking a Sunday afternoon stroll along the prom and onto the jetty that stretches out between the sea and the harbour. Josh was feeling very cold so I suggested we do some star jumps to warm up.

Our little aerobics session was going well when we both suddenly froze as we heard clink, clink, clink….silence.
We just looked at each other and knew that Josh’s wedding ring had just slipped off and rolled through the slats of the jetty and fallen 30 feet down to the harbour below.

Underneath the jetty runs an artificial wall of boulders that shapes the harbour covered in thick slimy seaweed due to the tide coming in twice a day. We knew that there was pretty much no chance of us finding the ring again, it could have slipped down anywhere. Josh quickly ran to the end of the jetty and managed to scramble down the wall of rocks. I stayed on top of the jetty to check whether it had got stuck in one of the slats, and also because I couldn’t climb down the wall, it was too high!

We searched for about 15 minutes praying all the time, light was fading and the tide was coming in quickly – we had given up all hope. We were completely gutted, we couldn’t afford to buy a new ring, and even if we did it wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t the same one as I put on Josh’s finger on our wedding day.I decided to climb down to the harbour as I felt I couldn’t not help look for it before we gave up searching. It was probably one of the scariest things I have ever done! I climbed down a small, vertical, 30 foot ladder (normally chained off) that goes down the side of the jetty with strong winds coming straight in my face off the sea, and thought I was going to fall off and die at any moment!…it was a case of “don’t look down”, although I did freeze in fear at one point!

I got to the bottom in the end after lots of encouragement from Josh and we began to search. We were just about to climb back on to the jetty and were standing by the ladder when Josh reached into a clump of seaweed. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the gold ring in his hand when he straightened up – the best feeling ever, we both couldn’t believe it, God is so good!

We then had to climb back up the ladder though, which was even more terrifying than coming down! But we made it and had such a great afternoon. I never want see that ring off Josh’s finger ever again!


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