Meet our new friend

17 Dec

We have got a new friend, although he doesn’t say much! We picked up a brace of pheasants from the local butchers on Saturday. After splitting the cost we a friend we came away with a beautiful cock pheasant for £2.25.

A bit of a bargain as it will be the meat for our “first married Christmas meal”. 

Pheasant Friend 

I must admit that I was (and still am) dubious about getting a feathered pheasant but Josh finally wore me down and I agreed. There is an obvious hypocrisy about people who hold their nose and grimace at animals hanging outside butchers if they then eat meat themselves, but that isn’t really the case here.
I just hope that there isn’t too much mess and smell in the confined conditions of our flat! It would be better if we had a large, clean, well ventilated area!

Although it saved us quite a few pounds having them feathered I’m not convinced it’s necessarily worth it to have to do all the prep yourself, but Josh assures me it should be an experience and hopefully some fun(?!). 


Anyway, it’s been hanging off our kitchen cupboard for the last few days and we are planning to pluck and gut it tonight. I’ve been looking at several recipes but think we will probably just do a straight forward roast as by the time you buy all the extra ingredients included in some we will have cancelled out any money we may have saved! Will let you know how it goes! 

Josh also pickled some beetroot which were included in our veg box on Saturday and they turned out really nicely. Very fresh and crunchy. We have been enjoying it in salads with nuts and some lovely goats cheese we picked up at the farmers market. Yum!



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