Happy New Year

5 Jan

Happy New Year to all.

Sorry I haven’t written for a while but Josh and I went down to Devon to celebrate Christmas and New Year with our families.
We had a good time but it’s nice to be back in Aberystwyth. I had both the infamous sickness bug, and the flu like bug which was annoying considering I haven’t been ill for months. I blame the sudden change from all organic food to non-organic but Josh says I’m just being dramatic!
 Other than being ill we had a good Christmas and it was lovely to spend time with our families, especially seeing our nieces and nephew.

We also got some lovely presents. Lots of food, some books (including A Life Stripped Bare which I have mentioned before), a Jamie Oliver cook book (which is going to be useful as its sectioned into seasons and has got reasonable recipes which we are likely to get the ingredients for in our veg box), some really good board games and some organic toiletries, including some natural remedy sea salt which I’m yet to try but looks very good! 

I would definitely recommend A Life Stripped Bare by Leo Hickman if you’re at all interested in living ethically. The book is his experience of living ‘ethically’ for a year (according to suggestions made by environmental auditors). He covers everything from shopping to cleaning to banking to holidaying and it is a very easy and entertaining read because, although informative, it is his experiences rather than simply lots of facts about certain subjects. A definite must. 

Also, for those of you that have been asking, our pheasant meal was very pleasant (surprisingly so I thought!). We cooked it wrapped in bacon and sloshed a bit of white wine in with the juices and poured it over the meat at the end. I didn’t find it too dry which many recipe sites suggested I might. Very simple and unexpectedly quick to cook. I would have it again, not necessarily buying it feathered, but I guess if Josh wants to fuss with plucking and gutting it he can! To his credit he kept mess and smell to the minimum!


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