Wedding Bells

12 Jan

Firstly, congratulations to all those that we know that have got engaged recently.

I don’t know if its just we are getting ‘to that age’, or if 2008 is going to be an exceptional wedding year, but we know of at least six couples who have got engaged over Christmas (the majority of which will be marrying in 2008 ) and another two who have their big day in a matter of months! I need to get my frocks out!

There is a wedding in church here in 30 minutes. I made the order of services for them, so am feeling very nervous in case something is wrong in them!I’ve already had to reprint them once because of a stupid typing mistake so I will be happy when the service is over and nothing was in the wrong order or mispelt!
I am going to slip out and watch the wedding with a friend who is getting married in July. We had a fun time last night going through all my old wedding planning stuff. Made me wish I had a wedding to plan again!

To all those planning your weddings, don’t get stressed about it – cherish it because you only get to do it once and it’s over really quickly!


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