I am too tired to think of a witty title…

15 Jan

Firstly, why not check out the new Blogroll over there on the side panel ààà
it includes some of the blogs that I regularly read and may be of interest to you too. 

Secondly, Josh and I are in love with our new piece of kitchen equipment – our steamer, which we got with some money left over from the wedding. Would definitely recommend one. Apparently it’s more environmentally friendly than using an oven (although I’m not sure how), and the food keeps much more of its nutrition. The best thing about it though, is how easy it is. You can just bung your whole meal into it – veg, meat, fish, eggs, rice etc – and then you can just walk away, not worry about stiring or burning it and then just serve it out 30 minutes or so later.
We had a lovely meal of Hoki with lemon and pepper, kale and potatoes the other day. One of those simple but delicious meals. 

 I also made a lovely curry on Sunday, which was nearly a disaster but actually worked quite well in the end.I used butternut squash and broccoli and fried it with lentils, oil and curry paste. Then added 300ml chicken stock. It was at this point that I remembered we didn’t have any coconut milk so I thought it was just going to turn out to be a runny mess. However with the aid of some flour I managed to reduce the stock down into a passable sauce, and when served with rice it turned out to be a very nice meal!


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