Detox Diary – Day One

8 Feb

Okay, so yesterday was my first day of detox.

Porridge with raisins and dried apricot
1 glass of orange juice

2 glasses of water
Sunflower seeds 

Vegetable broth
Natural ‘live’ yoghurt with Satsuma
1 glass of water 

1 glass of water
1 cup of herbal tea 

Vegetable Bolognese with mashed potato 

Natural Yoghurt sweetened with honey
Plain popcorn
3 Glasses of Water

It hasn’t been too bad as I normally eat this kind of thing. I have really missed having something ‘solid’ to chew on and make me feel like I’m filled up. I could have really done with some sweet flapjack!
Felt slightly better after having honey with yoghurt as the instant sugar gave me a pick-up.
Drinking so much water was the most difficult thing as almost had to force it down. Didn’t feel thirsty at all.
Now need to try and find a recipe for something more solid and chewy and I’ll be okay for the week.


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