Detox Diary – Day 3 and 4

11 Feb

I am grumpy.

It is stunningly beautiful outside and I am stuck inside with quarter of a stained-glass window (which lets in pretty much no natural light), I can’t have chocolate and I’ve just had annoying people ranting at me about the price of the car park because I put a warning notice on their car.

The price of our car parking has gone up to £2. This might seem steep but the county council car parks are £2.50. We would like to tarmac the car park but obviously need to raise some money as of course, we are a charity.
People don’t seem to realise this though and appear to enjoy getting round paying at all costs which makes my afternoon job of playing carpark attendent all the more fun.
Having said that they are probably the people who complain first about the state of the carpark in bad weather. 

Anyway, eeek, rant over…Here is my detox diary for the weekend. I can’t wait for Thursday when I can eat what I want. However I keep telling myself there is no point detoxing if you just eat loads of junk afterwards!!

Day 3
Porridge with raisins and dried apricot; 1 glass of water with lemon 
Morning 1 glass of water; Flapjack (made with oil and honey) 
Lunch Leek and Potato Soup with rice cakes; 1 Pear; 1 glass of orange juice 
Dinner Vegetable Bolognese with brown rice; Yoghurt with honey and fruit; Flap jack; Glass of water 
Evening Raw carrot; Plain popcorn; Glass of water and orange juice

 Day 4
Breakfast Porridge with raisins and dried apricot; 1 glass of water with lemon; 1 glass of orange juice 
Lunch Cod fillet with potatos, kale and sprouts (all steamed); Banana 
Dinner Leek and Potato soup with rice cakes; Flapjack 
Porridge with dried fruit

(I lost count of the amount of water I drank as I was here there any everywhere!)


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