Detox Diary Recap

15 Feb

Yesterday I finished my detox diet. I had meat and treated myself to some crisps in the evening! Although I must admit when I knew I could have anything I wanted to eat the cravings for unhealthy food had abated. It must have been all in my mind! 

I won’t put my detox diaries up for the last few days as they are pretty similar to the first 4! However, I must recommend vegetable bolognaise poured over a jacket potato as a yummy lunch idea. It’s very quick and easy if you just have a batch you can heat up. I imagine it would be even nicer if you added some grated cheese and knob of butter, but obviously I couldn’t have that the other day! I will certainly be making it again as I must make sure I eat proper healthy lunches from now on – not just a slice of toast and honey! 

Ok, recap of the week. Has it done me any good? I have felt less tired in the last week but that is the only difference I can feel (other than loosing a bit of weight, which will just be put on again when I start eating more carbs etc.).
I think that it probably wouldn’t have made a hugely noticeable difference unless I had been eating appallingly beforehand.
However, having said that having more energy has been great, and I just hope it doesn’t mean I have some sort of intolerance. I wouldn’t do it again in a hurry but I want to use the experience as a spring board for cutting down on office-related junk food and doing more exercise!


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