Check out our new milk!

21 Feb

Calon Wen Milk 

We have been buying Calon Wen organic butter for a while now as it is delicious but we have just switched to buying their milk too. Here’s why… 

  • Calon Wen is a Co-op owned by over 20 farming families from across Wales.
  • It supplies organic milk to local producers and in doing so helps the local economy
  • Calon Wen is the first dairy in the UK to achieve the Soil Association Ethical Trade Symbol. This shows a commitment to forming ethical relationships with everyone involved in production, and also supporting local communities.
  • Farmers are paid for quality as well as quantity. This means that farmers are not pushed towards high yielding systems that cause environmental damage.
  • Their milk can come in strong low density polyethylene Eco Paks (pictured) which uses 75% less plastic packaging than an equivalent polybottle – instead it fits into a specially made reusable milk jug.
  • Their milk is not homogenized.  This is a largely pointless cosmetic process which basically makes the milk more ‘perfect’ for supermarkets by improving shelf life and creating a more uniform colour.
  • Although you can only buy the ecopaks in 1 litre bags they work out slightly cheaper than other organic options in conventional bottles (at around 85p per litre).

The milk does taste different but you soon get used to it and don’t notice it anymore.
If you live in Aberystwyth why not check this company out at local shops such as the Treehouse. Calon Wen is also available across Wales.  Check out their website for more information.

If you don’t live in Wales why not try to find out whether you have a local farmers cooperative in your area and try to support them?
Farmers get such a raw deal from selling to supermarkets it’s great to be able to support a company which is committed to the farmers and not just on their profit.


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