More Fowl Play

8 Apr


By the end of the day I actually had a headache from too much laughing. We finally managed to get the cockerel secured. It took 4 of us with sheets about an hour to herd it into a box without it running into the road and getting squished.


We managed to herd it towards the staff cars with sheets (we didn’t think members of the public would be too keen on having an indignant cockerel jumping all over their cars) and into a large box.





I then took it to the vets where hopefully someone will claim it or it will be re-homed. I’m pretty sure it must have been a show bird because once we got it into the box and then transferred it to the carrying box it was quiet as anything and looked calm like it was used to being transported.


Such a fun time with a happy ending. I even got us a mention on radio Ceredigion!



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