Day Off

10 Apr

Had a nice day off yesterday. Despite waking up at normal work time as per usual I spent the morning pottering around and reading (book by Cathy Kelly – yes it is chick lit but I’ve only just discovered her and she’s good!)


My sister-in-law is up visiting us this week so it’s been good to catch up with her and we went out for a hot chocolate while Josh was in lectures.

Josh and I then went out for a nice walk along the river. We didn’t go far but saw sand-martins, sandpiper, red kite, kingfisher diving for fish and lots of swallows.

Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems very early for them to be around. It doesn’t seem long since they left, and considering we had snow at the start of this week it doesn’t make much sense for them to have left at all!

However, Josh is currently reading Gilbert White’s The Natural History of Selbourne and in one of the letters White shows his excitement at swallows arriving ‘as early as the 11th April’. As this book was written in the 1700’s I don’t suppose we can put it down to climate change!


Anyway, then it was back to the house to cook vegetable spaghetti bolognese and prepare for the wine and cheese party we had in the evening.

We took advantage of having a large group over and played Cranium 2nd edition. If you have ever played Cranium you will know how crazy and raucous it can get! The 2nd edition has extra categories in it like team backwards spelling (everyone has to do one letter at a time), hand’s on (one person has to use another’s hand to draw), odd two out (out of 6 options) and quite a few more.

A great evening, and now we have lots of cheese and wine to finish up – bonus!


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