Rachel gets moody with no sleep

29 Apr

This morning at about 1.30am I was woken by a horrific screaming, wailing and ringing. After pushing Josh out of bed (he was still sleeping soundly) and running around the room wildly and confusedly not really knowing what was going on it finally got through my sleep addled brain that the fire alarm was going off and I needed to take some action!

We got downstairs just as the people from flat one where turning it off but no sooner had we got back into the flat it went off again.

Although there didn’t appear to be any immediate fire danger only three of us actually bothered to come out to see what was going on so we didn’t know if there was a fire in one of the other flats.

This really annoyed me. It was probably someone smoking that set it off, but in all honesty I wouldn’t have minded at all if they had just come out, explained and apologised. As it was I was awake until about 3.30am worrying about there being a fire! Oh well, I guess I should give the smokers the benefit of the doubt (even if they do smoke out their window so that it stinks our flat out, grr) as it may have been a technical fault, but it has always been reliable and has never gone off before (except the time Josh actually did catch light to the kitchen!) which made the whole experience even more worrying!


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