Good Friends and Good Quotes

12 May

Two of my old university friends came up to visit this weekend and it was really nice to have nearly the whole of our old group of friends together for Sunday lunch. We enjoyed good food, lots of laughter and reminiscing, and of course, then the quote book came out!

The quote book came into being in our first year at university and never fails to have me laughing, even though I have seen each one multiple times. I love the fact we have recorded them as they each bring back a special memory of the times I spent with my good friends.


I’ll leave you with a few of the best. I’m sorry if some of these are ‘in’ jokes which will just leave you baffled, but if you know the people I’m talking about…enjoy!



Beth: Why can’t she be a vegetarian-eating sausage? (5.5.05)


Mim: Everybody’s making me subconscious! (25.9.05)


Rachel: Do we have to hoover the grass? (27.9.05)


Miriam: I’m just annoyed with vegetables in general (9.10.05)


Rachel: What would you do if you saw someone walking into the sea?

Miriam: Call the coastguard

Rachel: What? Send them a postcard?! Where to? (15.2.06)


Colin: I didn’t mind it apart from the re-arranging of my underwear! (18.2.06)


Rachel [about the new Large letter stamps]: I thought they were for blind people! (6.11.06)


Rachel: Wow, carrot cake actually has carrots in it?! (11.11.06)


Rachel: I’ve got something in my shoe…Oh, it’s my sock! (24.3.07)


Mim: shall I do that in church in the morning? [dancing with microphone stand]

Colin: See how many times you can wrap yourself around it. (Eurovision 12.5.07)


Freddie: Pompei is also that smelly stuff isn’t it? (22.5.07)


(I have just realised that I have revealed what a ditzy blonde I really am…oops!)


One Response to “Good Friends and Good Quotes”

  1. Tess May 24, 2008 at 7:21 pm #

    I came across your website by accident looking to see if other people keep quote books – and I was thrilled to find they do! 🙂 Your quotes are great fun!

    I keep one for my personal life and one for my students. They get one when they graduate after spending 2 straight years in a classroom with me. 🙂

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