Another step towards living the dream

14 May

When I picked my university course it was a close call between Countryside Management and Art. Obviously the countryside won, but I have always been passionate about arts and crafts. In fact I set up my first card making enterprise, Noah’s Ark Cards, at the age of five.

Since then I have produced cards under many different names. The most recent (and most successful) being Just Original Creations. I produced crafty handmade cards and also photograph cards and notelets, which earned me pocket money while I completed my degree.



So what would be living the dream? Surprisingly I don’t think I have actually said so far on this blog. Well…for me it would be running my own craft café and B&B. This is a complete fantasy at the moment as neither of us have much money saved up, but I can still dream.

ANYWAY, back to the point of this post. We have recently generously been given a Canon EOS 400D as a gift in memory of Josh’s granddad who passed away recently. This is exciting as we have been thinking of buying one for ages, but it has always been way out our price range. It means that the pictures we now produce can look even more professional and hopefully we will be able to use, and sell them in the future.



P.S Sorry for the rambly-ness of this post. It’s really sunny outside and I want to go and enjoy it!


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