Busy (and slightly panicked) Bee

20 May

Phew, it’s nice to be able to have a sit down just to write this entry. Things have been manic this week.

I have taken over the management of the church bookshop so things have been all go as I try to learn on the job, meeting reps, ordering and moving the bookshop around. Combine that with doing my normal jobs at work, lots of busy evenings and having to sort lots of boring paper work and you have a very tired Rachel. I am looking forward to my day off.


I am currently in the university computer rooms (it helps to have a husband with access when you are having a dilemma) trying to sort out breakdown cover for my car. I have spent the evening ringing round trying to get the cheapest deal, but have decided to stick with the company I am already with but get a different package. I thought it would be easier and cheaper to do it on the internet, but it doesn’t seem to like the information I have so I am feeling slightly panicked. I need to sort this out before I go out in half an hour so I will have to ring. Why can’t anything ever just be simple! More to the point, why do I have a car? It’s the bane of my life!


Anyway, it’s not all doom, gloom and tiredness.  It’s my day off tomorrow and I am going to spend the day with my two good friends Miriam and Beth going on our annual expedition to Devil’s Bridge on the steam train. This is an unadulterated tourist attraction (which I normally hate) but we have done it every year since we began university and the countryside at the other end is glorious. We all lived together at one point but now we are all working we don’t see each other enough so it will be great to have a girly day out! I predict lots of laughter J


Anyway, why am I still writing this when I’m panicking inside about my breakdown cover! I must go!


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