Buy Nothing Challenge Confessional 3

23 May

I have so much to do at work and yet I am still procrastinating on here. Why have I no motivation?!


Not much to report this week we have been pretty good. Bought a share in a pizza with the girls the other night which, I guess is technically a luxury but I needed to eat so I’m just going to ignore that one!


A quick update on the whole breakdown cover dilemma I had on Tuesday. I got it all sorted, and found that sounding annoyed on the phone actually works! Normally I fall for all the gimmicks that companies throw at me, and I’m rubbish at searching around for prices, just because I would much rather be doing something else. But on Tuesday when the lady at the AA gave me a quote much higher than the one I got from the internet I put on my best incredulous voice and said “You’d better cancel my AA account then please”. Needless to say I got put through to a very nice man who ‘cared about my AA membership’ and as I am such a ‘valued member’ they will be happy to give me my breakdown cover at a reduced rate. I think I should complain more often!


RIGHT…I must go and do some work.


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