Finally, a result!

29 May

We have finally seen a tangible result that the way we are living is making a difference, and it came in the form of our electricity bills today.


You may remember a few months ago I was really annoyed because the price of our electricity was so high, especially when we have been trying to reduce our usage. Well we got our quarterly bill today and, hurrah, we have managed to reduce our electricity consumption by over half since our last bill, and to just under consumption from the quarter before. This makes a huge difference, especially as prices have gone up quite a bit in the last six months. This is partly due to the fact that we have not been using our heating as much than in mid-winter, but it must also have a large deal to do with the reductions we have made.


Everything in our flat runs on electricity so we have been trying to make some real cut backs including


  • Taking short showers
  • Not using the emersion heaters and only heating water for washing up in the kettle
  • Always turning things off standby, and just generally switching all plugs off
  • Only having heating on in one room, and putting on extra jumpers instead of having it on
  • Replacing all normal light bulbs with energy saving ones
  • Running washing machine full on 30º cycle


We must not get complacent though because our electricity bill is still averaging about £35 a month. I have seen lots of people blog about how the price rises are affecting them – especially the farmers and smallholders.

We are having the same problem as Stoney, in that we no longer have many things we can cut back on having already given up the idea of TV and internet. Lovefilm is going for a start!


…oh yeah, and now our washing machine has broken (I’ve been in

denial for the last few weeks, but I think it is time to finally admit it), HELPFUL!


One Response to “Finally, a result!”

  1. Stonehead May 29, 2008 at 3:10 pm #

    You’re where we were 12 months ago. We took all the measures you describe and more, which meant we cut our electricity consumption by 15% year on year and then 10% year on year.

    However, even then the warning signs were there. Last August, we cut the quarterly consumption by 12.4% compared with the equivalent quarter in 2006 (from 1583kw/h to 1386kw/h). However, that had negligible effect on the amount of money we paid out thanks to the effects of rising prices.

    That 12.4% reduction in consumption only led to a 0.18% reduction in the cost. We saved just 27 pence.

    It was even worse in one quarter in 2006—we cut consumption by 7.32% but our bill still went up by 12.29%.

    The problem is that energy prices are rising so fast that any reductions in consumption are vastly outweighed by huge rises in the cost per unit.

    But on the bright side, imagine how much we’d be paying now if we hadn’t curbed consumption.

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