Spring Watch

5 Jun

Common Lizard


At the risk of sounding like a loser I must say that one of the programmes I really miss not being able to watch this year is BBC’s Springwatch. It’s such a cheery programme and it’s hard not to get caught up in all the little dramas of nature, and how all the little families are getting along. I feel like we could have given the makers of Springwatch a run for their money yesterday though, we saw a veritable feast of wildlife at the RSPB reserve at Ynys Hir, as these photos will show.




We saw lots of swallows which were nesting and feeding young in a couple of the hides. I tried to get an ‘inflight’ picture but they fly so fast I got frustrated and gave up!


Large Red Damsels

Large Red Damsels

Common Blue

Common Blue


You might need to enlarge this photo to see it, but there is a hare right in the middle of the photo. Great views.



This Phesant really didn’t like us being near it’s chicks. We made a speedy getaway, but not before getting some photos.


Baby Blue Tit


This cute little Blue Tit had only just fledged from a nest box right by the path, so we were able to witness its maiden flight.


I also nearly had a robin come and perch on my head while sitting still watching birds on a feeder. Unfortunately I didn’t realise what was going on and flinched, which scared it away.


The best find though was just after we were watching a Willow Warbler calling aggressively at us and going down to the ground. It took us a couple of minutes to realise it had a nest down there. We peeked inside the tiny domed shaped nest nestled in the undergrowth only to see two eggs, and the most minute cute little blob of a bird you have ever seen. It must have hatched only recently and was smaller than a ten pence piece. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a photo without disturbing them all too much.


All in all, an amazing day. We didn’t realise we’d been there for eight hours until we got back into the car!

Speckled Wood 


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