Dreaming of Pembrokeshire

7 Jun

I’m at that really lovely stage of planning a holiday when it’s not too far away so you can get all excited researching everything that you could do while you’re there, but you’re not quite at the panicked ‘I need to get everything packed and the fridge cleared out’ stage.


We’re going away at the end of June for three to five days (depending on the weather!) camping in Pembrokeshire. I AM SO EXCITED! I adore camping, although this will be the first time that I have camped on my own simply for accommodation, rather than it being an organised ‘camp’ or camping with a big group of people. My church homegroup is giving us a tent as a late wedding present so we need to go and choose that soon.


We already have lots planned, including a trip to Skomer Island and a jet boat ride around Ramsey Island. We are hoping it will be a deep water Whale and Dolphin cruise but that depends on the weather and demand from other people. Apparently you can see Orcas around that area but I’m stopping myself think about that because I’m bound to be disappointed if I get my hopes up (Okay, lets be honest, I already have my hopes WAY UP!). We also plan to do lots of walking around the coast path and visit wildlife reserves, as well as some of the towns in the area (I hear so much about St David’s working for the church, it will be good to finally see it!), and maybe….Pemberton’s Chocolate Farm…EEK! I wonder if they give out free samples!


I have ten days off in total and I’m so looking forward to just mooching around in Aberystwyth for the rest of the time. Most of the times we have holiday it’s always a rush to get down to Devon as quickly as possible so it’s going to be good just to relax, do our own thing and spend as much time outside as possible!


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