And then there was one…

9 Jun

I’ve had a pretty hectic weekend. I worked on Saturday and then had to cook for 12 on Saturday night when I got home, and then get up early on Sunday to prepare Sunday lunch for our neighbours, phew! And then they didn’t come anyway as one of them was ill! It was really nice actually because we were both exhausted and just ate lots of good food and drank some nice wine, which is a change from our recent ‘grab what ever is in the fridge and chuck it all together’ approach of late.


And now my husband has gone. BOOHOO! He’s gone for 2 weeks do his dissertation research in the hoverfly infested fields of Devon because Wales just wasn’t good enough – can you tell I’m bitter?! I’m trying to look on the positive side though…Just think I will get to drink as much milk as I want and get the snacks all to myself. I might even get round to making the scrap book I have been planning since before we got married!


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