Dream House

19 Jul

You know all those trashy romantic novels I read? The ones where someone finds an old tumble down house in the middle of nowhere and returns it to its former glory (meeting a dark handsome stranger along the way, naturally)? Well I think we found ours, the only problem it that it isn’t for sale!



We stumbled upon it by accident while wandering in the woods above the Rheidol Valley. Pencnwch is snuggled into the hill among the trees and is pretty much hidden until you’re right upon it. It’s reached from the road up a track (that is all overgrown now) winding up the hill for half a mile or so.




The house is all boarded up, but doesn’t look deserted – it still has electricity wires attached, and an alarm.

As you can tell (from the fact I’m ranting on about a house that is probably owned by some rich person from London) I want to live there. I want to have open up all the windows again, and tame the overflowing garden. I want to make friends with the farmers a few fields across, and the hippies that live in the caravans in the woods.



SO…how do you go about buying a random little house in the middle of nowhere that apparently isn’t for sale….?!



3 Responses to “Dream House”

  1. Gray March 26, 2011 at 6:22 pm #

    I also came across this property by accident, though online.It’s a great property in a stunning area and one I know well but I never knew this property was there until today.
    Whoever owns it is asking £230,000 for it : )


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