28 Jul

Many congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs King, whose lovely wedding we attended on Saturday. Not that they will be reading this – they will be off sunning themselves somewhere nice on their honeymoon I imagine!

The day brought back lots of memories as it is the first full wedding we have been to since our own. I cannot believe our first wedding anniversary is a week today. How the time has flown by.

The wedding on Saturday made we wish we could have ours again, but I have to keep reminding myself that, although our wedding day was probably the best day of my life (clichéd but true!), the general time was quite stressful and emotionally upheaving. In reality Josh and I are even more happy now together than we were then, so I need to stop being envious and enjoy being a one year Mrs!


Seeing Hannah plan her wedding also made me think how differently I would do our wedding if I had it over again. Don’t get me wrong, our wedding was perfect and I loved every part of it – it just wasn’t particularly environmentally friendly. It’s only really been in the last year since we have had our own home that we’ve really started playing out the idea of living simply. Our wedding wasn’t overly extravagant, but we did have most of the traditional ‘bumph’ which isn’t really necessary and just costs lots of money and wastes lots of resources. I definitely think that my mind-set has changed to such a point now that I wouldn’t even have thought of having some of the stuff we had, which really wasn’t necessary.

Anyway, my favourite part of the whole day was the service where we made promises to each other and to God in front of all our friends and family and I will remember it for ever. It’s that that sticks in my mind, and not the flower decorations!


One Response to “Congratulations!”

  1. Linda July 29, 2008 at 11:21 am #

    Don’t knock yourself over being less environmentally aware then than you are now. Your choices were based on your knowledge at the time – this applies to all of us, in all parts of our lives and at all stages of life. Many the woman who looks back at her wedding photos and thinks “What was I thinking of?”, and men who look at their old hairstyles – particularly, I think, those who married in the long-haired 60’s and 70’s!
    A quite fierce, elderly aunt of mine, (who lived to 100+six months!) had been a schoolteacher, and as a child I dreaded telling her my exam results, but I will always remember her reaction. She would ask “Did you do your best?” and as long as the answer was “Yes” it was OK.
    Our best is all we can ever do.
    On the environmental front, I suspect that in 20 or 30yrs we will all look back at a totally different world when it comes to transport, food etc.

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