Budget Failure

1 Aug

I am SO annoyed with myself! We have been keeping really close tabs on our spending since January. We recorded everything that we spent into a flashy spreadsheet so we knew exactly how much was coming in and going out. Well that was until this month. It all fell apart when I never got round to putting the sheet on the fridge we use to note down all our spending. I know that we didn’t spend more than we have coming in so I will just have to count it as zero when we work out our spending at the end of the year, but I’m still so annoyed that the figure won’t be right (yes I am a perfectionist!).


I first tried using Martin Lewis’ Budget Planner but found it a bit confusing because you have to put so much information all at once for the whole year (I can’t remember how much money I have spent on cups of coffee or renting films!). I know you can estimate but like I said I am a perfectionist and when you’re dealing with tight budgets even being a few pounds out per item can totally skew your idea of whether you’re in the black or red.

So I gave that up as a bad job and designed my own spreadsheet which I have been honing over the months. I love it because it does all the maths for me, and all I have to do is enter my spending and it automatically turns green or red! Simple things…


One Response to “Budget Failure”

  1. Gill Cooke August 2, 2008 at 11:00 am #

    Hi Rachel – I am on MoneySavingExpert.com and have also set up my own budget spreadsheet using Excel – which turns red if I go over, and transfers balances to the next month etc – counting money has become a major activity – I also found that I spent way more than I realised on miscellaneous items – books and munchies! Nothing like a bit of self-knowledge for moving us on, is there.

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