On holiday…

5 Sep

We’re visiting Devon this week. Josh and I both spent our teenage years in the same town in East Devon, which our parents still live in, which makes visiting them all very easy!

I’m back at work on Monday and the week is going far too quickly!


So far we’ve visited a friend in Truro, Cornwall which was great, even if I did have to put up with Josh making anti-Cornwall remarks all day (Devon and Cornwall don’t like each other, just in case you don’t know!). As you can see from his t-shirt he wanted to show where his allegiance lay – I’m surprised he didn’t get punched!


The next day we went to Dartmoor with my parents, which was great as they spoilt us rotton! We had an amazing lunch in Chagford and nosed around all the cute little shops and then headed up onto the moor for a walk. I spent the first 13 years of my life on Dartmoor so it’s great to go back and explore the places that were effectively my play area while growing up. I don’t really think about it much, but the familiarity of going back will make me home-sick for it for a while!

We got absolutely drenched in what felt like a winter rain storm, but the lovely views of rainbows slightly made up for it! Then it was off to Widdecombe in the Moor for a cream tea.

Sigh. I wish I could be on holiday all the time!


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