4 Nov

We’ve just got back from a short trip to Wiltshire to visit some of our family. It’s a beautiful place and we had a great time. We were staying in an area in which every other house looks like it should either be owned by the National Trust or be part of a feature in a House and Country magazine – I just can’t imagine having the money to buy some of those mansions!


We did lots of walking and eating! One day I had a full cooked breakfast, cereal and toast followed by a HUGE pub salad only two hours later!! I was so stuffed but I had to try and eat it as Josh’s Gran was buying! My sister then cooked a roast dinner for the evening meal – such gluttony.


On one of the long walks we did this cute little wood mouse stood perfectly in the hedgerow to let me get some photos!


There was lots of snow to drive through in the mountains on the way back, but thankfully the roads were clear and we made good time.


I miss my family!!!  What an attractive lot we are!



One Response to “Wiltshire”

  1. Virtual Journey November 5, 2008 at 5:22 pm #

    Nice post – love the header shot and the woodmouse!

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