Reclaim Christmas! Shop less. Live More.

12 Dec

If you know me and you don’t get a Christmas card from me, don’t be offended. I’m not a scrooge, and I don’t hate you either. I just don’t do cards for people that I see at Christmas time.


Don’t get me wrong, Christmas cards are a great incentive to pull your finger out and get down to writing all those letters to your far-away friends that you have been putting off for months. Then they are really worthwhile. But why write a card to someone you see every week?


To Mabel

Have a great Christmas

from Josh and Rachel.


Hmmm, that’s really worth wasting some card for…Did you know that 333,333 trees are used for Christmas cards every year?

If I can see you it seems much more meaningful to give you a hug and wish you a Happy Christmas to your face, rather than handing you a piece of card.


So, when you’re sat writing your Christmas cards, think before you write. Am I just doing this for traditions sake?


Check out this site for some more ideas on how to reclaim Christmas.


Okay rant over… 9 days to go before we are on holiday! Eeeeeeeek!


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