Christmas Catch-up

2 Jan

We had a wonderful Christmas break down in Devon. Josh and I grew up together and our parents still live in the same town so it makes visiting easier.

We spent lots of time in the beautiful surrounding countryside …



We spent lots of times catching up with our families… 



And we had fireworks on Christmas day!




My favourite photo is top left. It’s of the first firework of the night. We were standing on the balcony because Josh’s house is on a hill. The blurred picture is because I was simultaneously taking the picture while screaming and toppling backwards through the patio door as the firework exploded about 3 meters away from us. Much hilarity insued.


We got some great presents, including lots of books and games which should keep us going for the rest of the cold winter nights!


Now it’s back to freezing Aberystwyth and our icebox flat. We’re loving it though, so beautiful outside, and it was snowing earlier!! EEK!


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