2009 Resolutions

4 Jan


This time last year I was blogging about my resolutions for 2008. We were still fairly new to the idea of simple living then and my resolutions reflected that. There were big changes to be made and as a result, our eagerness made some of our resolutions a bit naïve.


Having said that, I feel like we’ve actually achieved them all in a round-about way. Okay, we do still occasionally shop at supermarkets and sometimes we fancy a greasy takeaway, but that’s okay – overall we have changed and simplified our lives radically. We’ve reduced the amount of electricity we have used significantly (although with energy price rises the monetary savings haven’t been much), we’ve de-cluttered our lives and we rarely buy anything unless we need it (although clothes and books are my downfall!).


So, spurred on by the fact I actually achieved my targets last year I am going to make some more for 2009. Some are random while others are related to ethical issues I don’t really feel that I have explored fully yet…


1. Ethical Clothing

Although we have changed our food shopping habits, shopping for ethical clothes is one of the things I haven’t really explored yet.

If we’re being honest I have a wardrobe of perfectly good clothes and so the main thing I need to do is just not buy any clothes, and any I do get, buy from charity shops.

If I do need to get something particular I will try and explore fair-trade, ethically sound companies, and clothes from independent shops.


2. Save money

This is probably on most people’s lists at the moment. We’ve been overspending on our budget and so it’s time to tighten the purse strings.  I will blog more about this soon.


3. Play my saxophone more


4.  Create less waste

We have cut down our household waste considerably in the last year, but we do go through phases of wasting food that could be used with more forward planning. I will also continue to try and reduce packaging and recycle more. This is a really good website if you’re looking for ways to use up left over food.


One Response to “2009 Resolutions”

  1. John January 14, 2009 at 8:07 pm #

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