Reducing Waste – Net Bags

10 Jan


Rhonda over at Down to Earth recently blogged about reducing throw away waste and it motivated me to continue trying to reduce the stuff that we regularly dispose of.

I was especially inspired by the net bags she has made for holding vegetables, fruit and nuts in shops instead of using the clear plastic, or paper bags.

We generally get recyclable paper bags when we go shopping, but reusable ones are even better!

I don’t do a lot of sewing so I really enjoyed making them, and although I know it’s very simple sewing I had a sense of achievement as I rarely make anything from scratch like this. It’s something I want to work on in the future and this has inspired me to continue learning to sew and create my own things.


You can find Rhonda’s details for making the bags here


Most people probably know how to make a drawstring, but as I am an ignoramus and had to ask my mum I thought I would pass on the information here for those who don’t…!


How to make a drawstring




Like Rhonda says, you can use string or ribbon. I used wool because I didn’t want to buy anything new.


  • Measure what you think would be the length and double it or treble it depending how thick you want it, and give a bit more for luck!
  • Fold it in half, or in three.
  • Get someone to hold the end tightly, or tie/hook it to a door or chair, while you hold the other end and twist it.
  • Keep twisting until when you release it a bit the wool starts to double back on itself and twist together.  Pull it straight again and if you think it is twisted enough carefully fold it in half making sure you keep the string taut.
  • Clip a paper clip or safety pin to one end and feed it through the drawstring channel, and tie it together.
  • Voila!

3 Responses to “Reducing Waste – Net Bags”

  1. Keith January 10, 2009 at 6:32 pm #

    The trouble we’ve had when you start using re-usable bags instead of plastic bags is that you then end up buying plastic bin bags in-order to have something to put your rubbish in! At least the Tesco bags were free!

  2. coffeegopher January 14, 2009 at 9:21 pm #

    I have been meaning to get re-usable bags for months now and I always forget when I’m at the store! I even asked for them for Christmas, but no one took me seriously. What a bummer. Thanks for the reminder though. Maybe I’ll try again tonight when I get my groceries!!

  3. psa37 January 15, 2009 at 1:45 pm #

    I hope you manage to find some soon! I got a really good bag for Christmas – it’s waterproof and and huge but collapses down in on itself to make a little pack you can keep in your handbag. It’s pink and spotty too!

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