Guided Tour

20 Jan

I suddenly thought the other day that I’m always posting pictures of places we visit, but I’ve never really posted pictures of where we live and where I work. I like to be able to imagine people’s surroundings when I hear them describe their lives (because I’m a bit of a stalker like that), so here we are…have a quick visual tour of my life…


So, as you probably know already I live in beautiful Aberystwyth. For those of you who need to scrape up on their geography if you draw a horizontal line through the middle of Wales and follow it to the coast you’ll hit Aberystwyth. It’s a sleepy coastal town, invaded by thousands of students each year which gives it a mixed and vibrant feel. It’s fifty-two miles to the next town so although it’s fairly large the sense of community here is great. You only need to travel a couple of miles in any directions and you’re in beautiful mountainous countryside too.



I work in the office in St Michael’s Church, which is a large Anglican church down by the Old College. We have a congregation of about 350-400 on a Sunday so there is a lot to keep me busy during the week.


This is my shared office (which is looking particularly messy in this photo!). This is where all the blogging action happens –my computer is the one on my left. Note the window which is all the natural light I get, which makes me sad as this is the view outside the window…



Okay, so this is my kitchen where all the magic happens and I create the recipes you read on here. Our fridge is where we keep pretty much all our important information!! Check out our sponsored children on the left, and the drawing of a bucket of water – so cute!



I made an alternative guest book for our wedding. I love it because we can look at it every day rather than having to get the book out of the cupboard when we remember it, and it’s filled with loving messages from our friends and family.


My mum did this cross-stitch for me as a wedding present and I love it because there is love in every stitch. It also makes me laugh because apparently when my dad saw it for the first time he exclaimed that he didn’t think it was very appropriate for mum to have stitched the bride carrying a baby for my wedding. Hilarious – totally missed the point!!!!



So, that’s it for now as I’ve run out of photos. I hope that allows you to picture everything I write about a little more clearly! 


3 Responses to “Guided Tour”

  1. coffeegopher January 22, 2009 at 8:09 pm #

    Can I come play in your life for a while? Its so pretty there…

  2. Will February 11, 2009 at 12:44 pm #

    Surely the nicest & prettiest town ever, I think about it and miss it everyday! *whimscal sighing* Did you take all those 6 Aber photos? I love the 3rd one, and of course the last 2.

  3. psa37 February 11, 2009 at 3:26 pm #

    No I didn’t take them all. The middle two were on the church computer. I think one of the other staff had taken it. It’s from the view point in Penglais woods 🙂

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