Money, Money, Money

1 Feb

Unsurprisingly everyone is blogging about money. Well, I just wanted to give you an update on our ‘frugal January’, so you’re getting it from me too, horray!


Well, I’m happy to tell you we were within our budget this month. We had a few unexpected LARGE pay outs which would have normally meant we would have spent well over our budget but because we really cut down we were still within the budget which is great!


So what did we do? Here are some of the things that really helped us save the pennies…


1. Plan meals, make a shopping list and keep to it.

Write a meal plan for a whole week or even two, not forgetting breakfast and lunch. Don’t shop when you’re hungry and only buy the things on your list.


2. Keep an eye on your statements.

Go carefully through your statements and work out what you’re spending your money on and whether you can cut down on anything. We also try to buy as much as we can with our cards. That way what we buy shows up on our statement and we’re not spending our spare change on things we can’t keep track of.


3. Talk about it and don’t be proud.

Don’t keep your financial worries hidden away. Don’t be embarrassed to let people know that you’re tightening the purse strings because we are all in the same boat. That way it won’t be awkward if they ask you out for drinks, the cinema or a meal. Don’t be proud if people offer to buy you things either. I’m not saying we should all go around expecting our friends to pay for us, but if they genuinely want to treat you, let them. It will mean you get some nice treats and helps you build a community where we all support each other. Next time they might need you to help them.


4. Take up an inexpensive hobby.

Get together and play some board games, visit the library or go for a bike ride. We don’t need to spend money to have fun!


One Response to “Money, Money, Money”

  1. coffeegopher February 2, 2009 at 4:16 pm #

    I love all of these suggestions! Especially #2. That’s the one we always overlooked, but when I took the time this month to pay attention to our statement, I was shocked at where our money was actually going.

    Good post!!

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