In the news on my day off

26 Feb


Nightlight has made the Cambrian News again this week for helping with the aftermath of an assault on Saturday night. As I wrote in my last post I was nervous as to how they would interpret my quotes, but it has come out well, and it’s really great to hear that the man who was assaulted is now off life support.

The article explains how a visiting football player received serious head injuries on Saturday night and “was taken to hospital after being initially cared for by a team of volunteer “angels” and was quickly transferred to Morriston Hospital, Swansea, where his condition yesterday (Tuesday) was described as ‘critical but stable’.”


I am quoted later in the article saying…”Four ‘angels’ from the voluntary NightLight pastoral scheme were first on the scene, and cared for Mr Kirkham until an ambulance arrived. NightLight co-ordinator Rachel Maynard said: “A four-man Night-Light team was virtually at the scene when this terrible incident occurred. “I was not there myself, but I know that the team cared for the injured man until the ambulance and police arrived.” Rachel said: “By this time there were quite a few people around, and the team helped to keep the crowd back so that ambulance and police officers could do their jobs. “I gather that none of the NightLight team actually saw what happened. “It was a horrible incident, but I have to say that, in general, there is a great atmosphere in the town centre on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings, as we try to help people. “NightLight is a good team to be involved with, and our work seems to be appreciated by those people we talk to.”

NightLight is run from St Michael’s Church, and is part of the Aberystwyth Night Time Economy Action Plan.”


You can view the whole article here.



In other news I had a double-date-tastic day off yesterday. After a lazy morning of bacon sandwiches and reading the newspaper we headed off to Hafod with the new love-birds Hannah and Matt.

The Hafod estate is owned by the forestry commission and is like something out of Lord of the Rings, all rivers, woods, green lichens and moss. 

After getting quite lost we managed to find the ‘cascade cavern’. After walking down a pitch-black tunnel you come to the bottom of a waterfall. It was pretty amazing if you can get over the idea that a bat will probably fly in to your hair at any moment.

Don't be fooled - it was DARK

Don't be fooled - it was DARK

but it was worth it

but it was worth it

Then later in the evening we headed off to Thomas’s house to eat some of his lovely lasagne and shared a great evening with him and his lovely girlfriend Rachael.


All in all a great day off.


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  1. maureenlynn February 26, 2009 at 11:00 pm #

    That waterfall is gorgeous! Great pic.

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