Party Planning

7 Mar


There are only eleven days left until Josh’s birthday and only twelve days left until his party. That means things in our household are party mad.

We are holding a Devon party, and apparently Josh has a lot of friends! It is fancy dress Devon style, lots of food and some Devon related games, although I did put my foot down when Josh wanted to blast clotted cream out into the crowd with a giant hose-pipe.


Just before you get worried, I am not going to go over the top and ruin the environment by using paper plates. In fact the only reason I have to plan so much in advance is because I’m a control freak I am so busy in the next couple of weeks, not because we are actually preparing that much for the party.

Although being chief party planner is an administrator’s dream – I wrote fifteen lists yesterday!


I do get worried at my levels of sadness in the organisational side of things though. Do other people have to write lists for their whole lives?! Do other people carefully cut out and stick on a piece of paper over one of their diary entries because they didn’t want to cross it out and make a mess?!

It’s official, I’m a loser.


One Response to “Party Planning”

  1. Linda March 7, 2009 at 8:31 pm #

    Some of us put jobs we have just done onto the list, just for the pleasure of crossing it off. Really sad, that.

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