10 Mar

We have been in Devon this weekend for my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. We had a surprise lunch for them on Saturday which was lovely as the whole immediate family were able to be there – quite a feat when we all scattered across the UK.

I got to meet my new niece too which was lovely and I very much enjoyed baby cuddles!


Unfortunately my car is dying because I abuse it by parking it by the sea all the time. The brakes are rusted and make a delightful sound whenever they are applied which makes driving across the country a joy. My mum told me that the same thing happened to her car and the mechanic said that her brake pads had all but disintegrated! Not what I really wanted to hear when I had to drive back to Aberystwyth the next day, but we didn’t break down or crash and are back in one piece so that’s okay. Just not looking forward to the garage bill when I take it in next week.


We got back to Aber last night, and now I have a cold, booooo.

Also, if you feel ill I would suggest not watching the film ‘Fur’ with Nicole Kidman. Although I’m sure film and TV buffs would tell me it’s all very clever and symbolic I thought it was just plain WEIRD.


I will post pictures of the weekend soon.


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