Josh’s birthday fun – Day three (Thursday)

28 Mar



The third day of our yurt adventure dawned cold and frosty once again but with the sun shining and the birds singing. Josh kindly tried to warm my clothes by the fire before I woke up but succeeded only in melting my fleece. It’s the thought that counts, aey?


We planned to leave fairly early as we had a lot of party preparation to do back in Aber, but spent a few hours in the morning relaxing around the yurt-site, toasting crumpets on the fire and amusing ourselves by giving the chickens names.






Then it was time to say a sad farewell to Larkhill Tipis and our yurt.


If anyone is looking to stay in a yurt I can’t recommend this place highly enough. Our stay was, I suppose, fairly different to what many’s would be in that a) we had the whole place to ourselves and b) the weather was amazing.


I guess it would give a very different dynamic to the place if there were up to 16 other people staying at the site and it was raining, but at the same time it would have been good to meet other people, and the site was big enough to accommodate everyone (lots if trees which can hide lots of people in a small space – I’m a countryside manager don’t you know).


The owners are very friendly and the site is very well equipped. It’s the kind of place you feel like you’re getting value for money because they provide all those little extras (like salt, oil, hot chocolate, tea and coffee, sugar, tomato ketchup, books, games and magazines) which they aren’t obliged to, but makes your holiday that little more special.

They also provide all the wood you need and the fact that you can have your own fires just makes (for a town dweller like me) even hanging around the site doing nothing but toasting crumpets fun.


The area is beautiful and relatively easily accessible (remember, this is Wales – no where is easily accessible). There are lots of walks around, the coast is relatively near and there are various attractions both near and far, but if you’re like us you may just be tempted to stay in the yurt all day!

Another thing which I haven’t added yet is that they don’t have any grid electricity at the farm; it’s all made using renewable sources…which is always a plus point in my book!


For more information about Larkhill click here or here.


Then it was back to Aber to prepare for Josh’s Devon themed birthday party, which we both enjoyed immensely – even if the mean boys did break up my lovingly made piñata!




Phew! It’s a good job birthdays only come round once a year!


One Response to “Josh’s birthday fun – Day three (Thursday)”

  1. Frugal Trenches March 29, 2009 at 10:34 am #

    It all looks sooo wonderful! I love the “Devon inspired” Birthday!!!

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