5 ways not to deal with customers…

2 Apr

…and yes, I have done all of these!


1. Explain to them apologetically that you can’t speak Welsh – only for them to glare at you and say that they were actually speaking English


2. Answer the phone with annoying colleagues around you trying to make you laugh and then subsequently snort down the phone.


3. Let someone babble on in Welsh for too long to it would be embarrassing to explain that you don’t actually speak Welsh and then try and pretend you understand what they’re saying (it works sometimes).


4. Get two church members mixed up because they have the same name and then terrorise the wrong woman about the fact that she hasn’t finished the prayer rota yet and I NEED IT NOW!!


5. Eat Lindor chocolate at your desk. Yes I know it is probably the nicest chocolate product on earth, but they are far too big to swallow quickly and smiling with chocolate in your mouth is never a good look.


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