How to make a (Cornishman) Piñata

14 Apr


1. Decide what you want to your piñata to look like. It should generally be something you will feel like whacking. If you want to make a donkey shape, or anything else that isn’t balloon shaped I would advise checking out Google and not this entry.

2. Obtain an oversized balloon. Blow it up and tie it securely. If you’re like me and you want some excitement in your life tie it from a light hanging. For all those who don’t want the fear of electrocution, tie it from a hook or door frame.

3. Dither around for a while deciding whether to make paste out of flour and water or use PVA glue. Decide to use PVA and then realise you haven’t got any. Send husband/partner/willing member of the public to go and buy you PVA glue.

4. Rip up lots of newspaper. Make sure it is covered with glue and begin to build up the first layer of your piñata over the balloon leaving a hole at the top. Each layer of our piñata took about one hour to complete. It helps if you have a husband/partner/willing member of the public to stand and hold the balloon still while you paste the paper on. Your helper will need superhuman patience, or a ready supply of Maltesers to keep them quiet.

5. Make sure you have left making your piñata to the last possible moment. Then go out to a friends house for the evening too. Decide you should complete another layer at about 1am and have a fun time applying the paste at speed.


6. Build up the piñata until it’s at least four layers thick and leave until it is dry. By this time your flat will be a complete mess of paper, glue and protective plastic.

7. Burst the balloon and fill the piñata with sweets through the hole at the top and then paper-mache over the hole. Forget to put string through before you cover the hole so you have to try and thread string through later using a combination of cooking skewers and knitting needles. Make sure you have a secure loop at the top which can be used for hanging the piñata.


8. Decorate your piñata with paint or tissue paper in an appropriate manner for your party. We made ours as a Cornish man to go with our Devon party.

9. Get your husband/ partner/ willing member of the public to bring you lots of tea to keep you going.


10. Attach from an appropriately strong hook and let the games begin!


Warning: You will have probably formed an attachment to your piñata by this time, especially if it has facial features. You might want to look away as nasty boys try and break open your wonderful creation by head butting it.



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