Random act of madness

16 Apr

Okay, so you know my ‘dream house’? Well yesterday was my day off and so we headed over to Cwmrheidol for a walk and ended up going past it again.



(By the way…if you want to have a really good walk and see loads of wildlife I would suggest leaving your camera at home. Every time I forget my camera we end up finding something beautiful and I kick myself. Yesterday we stumbled along a new path that led high up into the valley filled with little, gnarled sessile oak trees covered in bright green moss, and leading to a waterfall that I have seen from the road and have been searching for for 3 years!)

It was lovely as usual, and although it was still boarded up people have obviously been around as the overgrown garden had been cleared back and burnt. We stood looking at it again, making comments about how we could put a bird feeder there, and a garden table there, keep the chickens there, and then made our way down the track debating what body parts we could sell in order to buy it. I might sound like I’m joking about this but I genuinely would love to live in this house.

So anyway, as always when we walk past it we also considered checking out the land register and writing a letter to the person who owns the house.

Except this time I actually did it.  

It was an accident really. I didn’t know you can actually check these things online, I figured I would have to go into the dusty depths of the town council building or something. But no, apparently you can find all the details from your office chair, and it only costs £3.

And so this has been my random act of madness for today. These people probably aren’t even going to reply to our letter and even if they do, unless they offer to sell it for 20p we’re not going to be able to afford it.

But if I never did it, we’re never going to know and every time we walk past the cottage we’ll always be wondering the same things.

So if you’re the owner of Pencnwch and by some random chance you’re Google searching the freaks that sent you a letter, then yes, hello it is us.

Please sell us your house for 20p J


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    […] which we somehow continued to find our way back to, even though it was all boarded up. We even looked up on the housing register to find out who lived there, but apparently they didn’t want to sell it because it was a family […]

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