Too un-cool for school

18 Apr

It seems to me that the majority of the authors of blogs I have read over the last few days have either just had a baby or are going to have one any day soon. It got me thinking about how when you’re a kid you always think that ‘when I have children I’m going to be the coolest parent ever’. Coupled with a conversation I had with a colleague yesterday where I said ‘that makes me sound old’ no less that four times, I have come to the conclusion that at 22 and a half years of age I have already reached (and left far behind) the point where I will ever be seen as ‘cool’ by any child. 

The last time I went to the local (posh) hairdressers I felt about 50.
First the hairdresser (picture stereotypical young hairdresser here) tried to talk to me about Big Brother… “Umm…I don’t have a TV, sorry”… cue eye brow raising.

Then she started asking me about what products I used on my hair and how I style it. (Bear in mind here that I normally get up about 35 minutes before I am meant to be at work and that time consists of a rushed shower and flapping round the house screeching at Josh to get me some cornflakes)

“Well I normally just blow-dry it and see what happens to be honest”…cue further eye brow raising and an incredulous “rigghhhht”. By this time I was regretting my decision to change hair dressers. I am clearly not cool enough for this place.

But then came the final question. The final nail in my coolness coffin.

“So, do you ever dye your hair?”
“Well…er…wow, okay”
“Why? You do realise that your hair looks completely unnatural and you look like you’re made out of orange plastic right?” Okay, I didn’t actually say that because that would have been mean and she was holding sharp scissors, but I thought it alright.

How did I become so out of date all of a sudden? Probably at the same time as I got rid of my TV, never bother to listen to the radio, read magazines or to go into clothes shops.

But that’s okay. I’m alright with being uncool. So what, I’d rather look at moths with my husband than watch Big Brother, and my perfect holiday is one that I can wear wellies and not brush my hair. That’s fine.

But I’m still not going back to that hairdresser.


One Response to “Too un-cool for school”

  1. Frugal Trenches April 18, 2009 at 3:11 pm #

    lol love the title.

    I’m a few yrs older than you (although still in my 20’s) and I’m sure I’m cool to my friends kids. In fact they tell me I am. I think a lot of it is personality & whether they see you are going to be fun! So maybe you are not un-cool afterall! :0)

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