Frugal Meal #2 Oaty Top

19 Apr

This recipe originally came from my good friend Beth. She was the first person I met at university and we lived with each other for two years.

When she came to university Beth was a vegetarian, but only because she had been brought up one and she thought she didn’t like meat. In true first-year-of-university style we undertook the task of curing her of her vegetarianism…and how did we do that? We stole her life sized stuffed dog called Cheriton and sent her a ransom note saying she must eat meat or the dog got it. Bless her, she loves that dog so much the next Friday she was down at McDonalds chowing down on a BigMac with the boys. 

Nowadays Beth is a complete meat lover but that didn’t stop me picking up some of the vegetarian recipes she cooked while at university, many of which I still use week-by-week.

Oaty Top Recipe

On paper Oaty Top looks pretty bland, but serve it up with a pile of mashed potato and spiced gravy and you have a healthy, hearty feast that leaves you feeling full and satisfied for a VERY cheap price. Originally this recipe only used chickpeas and carrots, but I tend to throw in more vegetables. Just use whatever you have in the fridge.

Serves 2 for a hearty meal, or 4 smaller portions

  • 400g chickpeas
  • 1 carrot, sliced
  • 4 or 5 florettes of broccoli
  • Some pepper/ courgette/ any other veg you in the fridge sliced into small chunks
  • 4oz oats
  • 2oz grated cheese
  • 3oz marg. or Butter

To serve

  • 3 large potatoes
  • Gravy granules
  • Curry powder (optional)
  • Tomato Ketchup (optional)
  1. Preheat the oven to 200ºC
  2. Slice vegetables and boil until cooked. Add chickpeas for a few minutes
  3. Put oats and cheese into a bowl. Melt the butter and stir through the oat mixture until it is coated
  4. Grease an ovenproof dish and put the drained vegetables in the bottom. Spread the oat mixture over the top
  5. Put in the oven for 20-25mins
  6. While the oaty top is cooking boil the potatoes (you can use the vegetable saucepan to save washing up!) and mash them up with butter and milk
  7. If you wish to make the gravy a little more interesting make up the gravy granules as usual but add a teaspoon of curry powder and ¾ table spoon of tomato ketchup
  8. Serve and enjoy!



5 Responses to “Frugal Meal #2 Oaty Top”

  1. maureenlynn April 20, 2009 at 9:38 pm #

    Haha, I’m glad you cured your friend of vegetarianism. That’s a good way of putting it. Meat is yummy!

  2. psa37 April 21, 2009 at 9:26 am #

    Yep it is! I keep expecting to get angry vegetarians replying to this post but seem to have got away with it so far!

  3. Beth April 21, 2009 at 9:51 pm #

    Oaty top will always remain one of my favourite meals but meat is also very tasty, and livestock farming is absolutely necessary to utilise the energy in grass. However the world’s demand for meat has led to far too much intensive farming and so if we all replaced a meat based meal with oaty top in our weekly diets we’d be doing a good thing.

    • psa37 April 23, 2009 at 8:59 am #

      There speaks the agricultural student!


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