Get Back to Work

20 May

Our holiday is over and we are back in Aberystwyth and back at work. I can’t quite decide whether it’s a good thing or not. I love visiting friends and family, and I hate the fact that we are too far away from them to just visit for a day here and there, but I do tend to get a little restless when I’m not doing anything constructive.

As regular blog readers will know I have been feeling frustrated about our job situations for a while. I had always assumed that I would be leaving Aber in the summer of 2009 to go onto something life-changing, and the fact that that wasn’t going to happen made me feel restless and gave me the feeling that I was wasting my life. However, time has gone on and we’ve had time to accept the fact that we will be in Aberystwyth for the foreseeable future. I’ve been applying for other jobs and haven’t got anything suitable. It’s made me realise that staying in Aberystwyth doesn’t mean I will be forsaking something better because at the moment I haven’t been able to find any better alternative anyway.

As time goes by my job is becoming more and more fulfilling and I have come to realise that I need to stop focussing on the future and realise what God has in store for us now.
A few months ago we were seriously considering going abroad to work with a Christian charity, but in reality I would have probably just ended up doing the same sort of things as I’m doing now. Why do I consider working for a church in Aberystwyth less than working for church elsewhere? Changing my mindset has really helped me settle down and accept that we are staying in Aberystwyth.

As for Josh, after a couple months of not being able to get much work it has all rolled in at once. He is working as a handy-man for several people at the moment and then yesterday we heard that he might be able to get a paid job over the summer working at the butterfly house that he has been volunteering at. He will be hearing all the details today and I am so hoping it works out as it would be his ideal job! I will update more when I hear.

In other news, only ten days until the big move and I haven’t done any preparation. ARGH!


One Response to “Get Back to Work”

  1. Camille May 22, 2009 at 5:51 am #

    I am TICKLED to find a new blogging friend in a place as exotic as WALES! I am adding you to my blogroll straightaway. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog—it means a lot to me. I am totally captivated by your photos and gracious lifestyle. Thank you for introducing yourself!

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