First Impressions

29 May

Attention people! Operation move Josh and Rachel has begun! I have reached a stage of barely concealed panic as I have just collected the keys for the new flat and have realised how much stuff we are going to have to cram into such a small space.

 I visited the flat in my lunch hour for a proper look round. It seems a little rough and ready in places but overall it’s nice.

new flat

I’m especially excited about the fact that…

  • We now have a proper comfy sofa, as opposed to the hard, tiny uncomfortable ‘sofa’ we had in the old flat which wasn’t suited to lounging or entertaining.
  • We have radiators and central heating and a BOILER opposed to useless storage heaters so we can be warm in winter and actually have hot water for washing up when we need it.
  • We have carpets! Okay, so they’re a bit raggedy but it’s better than laminate any day!
  • We have curtains rather than the weird blinds that we had in the last flat. Curtains! That open and close! I’m easily pleased…
  • We have a table in our kitchen which means we can keep the lounge just for sitting rather than dining!

I am not so excited about the fact that…

  • There still seems to be a lot of junk lying around from the previous tenant which will mean things will be even more cramped until we manage to get rid of it
  • There isn’t a space for the washing machine where we thought there would be. That means we are going to have to have it in the bathroom which is already small. It’s not ideal.
  • The bedroom is tiny!

We have around 15 people who have said they will help us with the move tomorrow. I just want it to be over! Anyway, why am I writing this when there is panicking packing to be done?!


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