Trips and Hoodies

29 May

In my first year of university we lived in halls directly up the hill from a railway crossing where four times a day in the summer a steam-train would cross the road and ‘choo-choo’ its horn. However, the problem was we were all freshers and we didn’t even know that this train existed. I was the only who heard it as my room was facing the valley and so everyone thought I was a bit strange in the head when I kept insisting I could hear a steam train throughout the day.

 Later down the line it transpired that there was actually a narrow-gauge steam train running through Aberystwyth and so the tradition of going on it yearly began. It’s even more special now that the ‘Greenfield Girls’ (the name of the street we lived on) are spread across the country as it gives a good opportunity to meet up for the day.

 Last Wednesday was the fifth annual trip. However we broke we tradition as it was pouring down with rain and we’re all broke. Instead of going on the train we visited the Llywernog Silver Lead Mine and the New Quay Honey Farm, which were both very entertaining but none of us had our cameras so unfortunately I can’t show you pictures of us going down the mine with hard hats and head lamps or me dressed-up as beekeeper. Shame.

 However, Beth (the ex-vegetarian) did bring us gifts! How cool is this?! A blog themed hoody. I have obviously made it in the blogging world(!) 😛

Greenfield Girls

Dreaming of the country hoody

P.S Times the mess in the background of this last photo by six and you have the chaos which is my flat at the moment


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