7 Jun
Check out those muscles

Check out those muscles

It has now been a week since we moved into the flat. It seems like a lot longer. This week has been busy with trying to combine normal weekly activities with unpacking. We’ve done pretty well though, most of the rooms are liveable and only a few things need to be sorted.

The jury is still out, but I think I prefer this flat to the old one. It’s smaller yes, and there are a few niggling problems which we haven’t sorted out yet but the cut in rent more than makes up for these issues. The carpets and sofas make it more homely than the old place and it makes inviting people back much easier as we actually have a decent space to host them.

However, this week I have realised once again that I simply don’t do change very well. On the outside I’m calm, and people have even commented that we seem to have coped with the move very well, but this week I have just felt very odd. I can’t understand it myself so poor Josh has no chance. I just feel weird and unsettled. Not myself at all.

It doesn’t help that we now have single glazed windows in the bedroom and have moved closer to seagull city centre. If you have never lived in a seaside town you simply cannot know the racket that these birds put up every morning from 3.30am onwards. I don’t find it too bad as I have grown up in seaside towns, but it has caused me to be more tired that I would normally be.

I’m just looking forward to time passing and feeling that the ‘new flat’ isn’t new anymore. I want to feel normal walking back from work a different way. I want it to feel like home.

But it could have been so much worse. I cannot even express the full extent of my gratitude for the twenty or so people who gave up their time on the hottest Saturday of the year to help us move. Who packed and lugged heavy boxes to and fro and who helped us clean our flat from top to bottom. I really don’t know what state I would have been in if you hadn’t been there; you saved us a lot of time and stress.

Oh no! I've just poured water all over your floor!

Oh no! I've just poured water all over your floor!

Stay tuned for some before and after photos of the new flat when we are all unpacked and tidy!


One Response to “Moving”

  1. Camille June 7, 2009 at 5:15 pm #

    Well, I find moving very exciting! I think peeking into peoples’ homes is one of my favourite pastimes (I guess that makes me a stalker!).

    I hope it starts to feel more like home for you soon!

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