Cutting Back

8 Jun

I was encouraged when I recently read that according to research conducted by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) two in five (41%) middle-class people in the UK say that they will place less emphasis on material possessions when the recession ends.

I wonder if this is because people are learning to do without all the clobber that adverts convince us we need, simply because they can no longer afford them. And guess what…the world still turns even though we haven’t bought the latest playstation game. We don’t need this stuff, it doesn’t make us happier and it’s taken a recession to show that to many people.

I’ve felt lately that I haven’t been doing much ‘simple living’. A year ago I was so excited about changing the way we were living and because there was so much to change it made it easier.
Don’t get me wrong, compared to most people I know we are living the simple life, but due to busyness and lack of money we seem to have lost the ‘get up and go’ to always be pushing for the most ethically sound way of living.

I suppose it’s because we’ve got used to only using a few ‘green’ products and we’ve already done a huge de-clutter of the flat that it’s just the more difficult things that are left, like shopping organically when you have a strict budget, or making sure we’re buying things from ethical companies.

But it’s about time I had a kick up the backside to get back on track. It shouldn’t be hard. The whole point of simple living is that it makes life…well…simpler! I’m already looking to de-clutter our flat further because, as it’s so small, it just looks messy all the time with too much stuff on the surfaces. Having seen how many possessions we have while moving has put me off buying anything new for a while too…convincing the hubby on the other hand is a different matter!


One Response to “Cutting Back”

  1. Camille June 8, 2009 at 11:43 pm #

    Go no ‘poo! How easy would that be?? : ) Just kidding.

    I totally respect your perspective. I’m trying to do the same at this point in my life. It seems like the smart way to behave. Good for you!

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