UUrrrggghhh…embarrassing moment alert

10 Jun

As I have previously mentioned I haven’t been sleeping well lately and so, as today is my day off, I thought I would partake in an afternoon nap to try and regain some of my energy.

I was aware that Josh had just gone out to shop for dinner tonight so when I heard a tap on the door I just assumed it was him. A few seconds later my sleep fuddled brain figured I should go and check it out and that it was probably wise to make myself decent in case it wasn’t Josh after all.

(I’m finding it weird that we don’t have a buzzer and intercom like we had in the old place. Any old randomer can just walk up the stairs and knock on our door). 

I was expecting a friend, or even our neighbour but instead outside I found an officious looking man in black with a clip board and a hand held computer.

 “Hello, I am from TV Licensing, is this flat 4?”
“Errr….yes” I croaked back. “Oh wait, no, we’re flat three, NO, WHAT? There aren’t even three flats in this building”

Could I look any more guilty than I did right then? It doesn’t make me look like I’m trying to cover up an unpaid licence at all.

“So this isn’t flat four?”
“No. I’m sorry I’ve only just woken up, I was getting confused”
“Right” he said, raising an eyebrow which blatantly said ‘you were in bed…at twenty to six in the evening? Lazy student.’

Great! Now I look like I’m guilty and plain lazy, AND I still have pillow creases on my face.

“So, do you have a television at this property?”
“Right and do y…what? You don’t have a TV?”
“No, you can come in and check if you want”
“No that will be fine…are you sure this isn’t flat four?”
“Yes, thank you, bye!”

And then I melted into an embarrassed pile onto the floor and had to go and listen to the Castaway soundtrack to calm my nerves.


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