29 Aug


Here are five facts about my week…

1. For various reasons Josh and I are feeling very sleep deprived this week. Josh has also been working a lot of evenings and night shifts which means we haven’t seen each other much either, which makes me sad. A quote about ships passing in the night comes to mind.

2. Everyone likes a bit of excitement in their lives but this week I found out that we have been taunting death rather more than anticipated. Not only has the house fire alarm been turned off for about a month, but I found out that there was hardly anything left of my car’s front brake discs because they had been corroded by the sea air. Eeeek!

3. I had to deal with a compound fracture this week when one of my colleagues fell over a speed bump and broke their arm. Although the arm was bleeding I didn’t actually realise that the bone was sticking out until afterwards. This was lucky because my internal screaming would have probably become external screaming had I realised before the ambulance arrived.

4. I have been reading Leviticus over breakfast this week. Two things have struck me anew: a) We serve a holy God, and although he forgives us everything through Jesus we should still be striving to do the best we can in all that we do b) I should be giving God an offering of my praise every day, whether I feel happy or not. God is good all the time and that means I should say it more!

5. This week I received another box of lovely bookshop goodies. I love running the bookshop, buying and putting out new stock brings me so much joy! I hope to write a blog post with pictures about it soon.

Ugh….that’s five already! It wasn’t until I started writing it down I realised how eventful my week has been. Oh well…I’ll have to save my other stories for another day.

Josh and I have decided to take a spontaneous trip to Devon for the long weekend so I’m not sure if I’ll be posting in the next few days. If not…I’ll catch up with you all next week.

*Sorry, feeling a bit random today.


3 Responses to “HELLO THERE*”

  1. Camille August 30, 2009 at 4:53 am #

    Well, I, for one, think that picture is wonderful. You look so HAPPY! And full of LIFE! And my, your eyes are blue! : )

  2. Chloe August 30, 2009 at 8:42 pm #

    That picture is great!! Hope you have fun in your trip!

  3. Rachael September 27, 2009 at 3:32 pm #

    Rachel, your blog makes me excessively happy.

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