The mystery of September 4th at 12pm

4 Sep

You know those forward planning bits you have at the back of your diary? Well when I came to change diaries last month (Yea, I still think in academic years) I noticed that in the September section I had written

“4th 12pm”

 It’s been worrying me ever since. How could I have been so stupid? This is me we’re talking about. My diary as pretty much become an extension of my arm in the last couple of years. We have so much going on that I don’t even bother to try and remember any of it, it all just goes down in the diary.
With neat little codes and highlighted annotations…sigh


So, what was happening on the 4th September at twelve? Was I meeting a bookshop rep, did we have a meeting with the police or someone from the council? Was it even about me, or was it work related? Was I meant to be reminding someone else of something important?

Then, a couple of days ago my worries were relived. I got a text message from my dentist reminding me that I had a dentist appointment on 4th SEPTEMBER at 12PM. Horrah for technology!

Normally I hate these text messages. Every other one I have received I had grumbled about big brotherish modern technology. Why can’t people ever write down their appointments? Surely people survived before mobile phones were around? But it looks like this time it saved my bacon. Not even I can be a super efficient office administrator all the time I suppose.

However, next time I won’t need a text message to remind me. This time it’s going to be highlighted in the diary with neon pen. DENTIST 5TH MARCH 12.30PM.


One Response to “The mystery of September 4th at 12pm”

  1. Thomas Ashmead September 4, 2009 at 11:15 pm #

    I need to book an appointment for the dentists (as well as 10000000000 other things). I’d totally freak out too if I couldn’t remember what the diary entry was about. Those sort of things are always concerning, just like finding a random screw and not knowing where it came from and if it was important.

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